This is the courtship course that you've been looking for!
Navigating Relationships can be difficult. let me help you!
this is like doing preMarital Advisement from the comfort of your home.
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I've been teaching this course for the past 8 years! let me share these concepts with you that i've used over the years to help thousands of couples on their journey to marriage.
Here's What You'll Learn 
 Module 1: Introduction to Courtship 
In this module, I introduce you to the concept of courtship. I discuss the differences between casual dating and true courtship. Well, this isn't your great grandmother's version, but it's a healthy concept that ultimately creates a healthier relationship. Allow Cornelius to help you perfect your journey to marriage.
 Module 2: The Basics of Courtship
Are you confused about the differences and similarities between casual dating and biblical courtship? Cornelius explains the importance of having purpose and vision. Listen to hear one why it's important for your family to get involved early in your relationship.
 Module 3: Finding the One or the Next One
Oftentimes, we desire to create the perfect list when searching for the perfect person. Society teaches us to create "the list" of all the qualities we desire in a potential mate. However, God calls us to trust Him and focus on being the mate we desire to find in someone else.

 Module 4: It's Complicated
Relationships can be complicated. I mean, life is complicated. Trying to add someone else in the mix can be frustrating. Cornelius teaches you how to identify the complicated areas in your relationship and how to solve them.

 Module 5: Committed or Not: Is This Forever?
Cornelius shares why he and his now-wife broke up during their courtship. He then explains what you should look out for to prevent breaking up in the future. He also discusses the importance of creating the vision statement in the relationship. 
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why settle for less in your relationship when you can have the best? The courtship Masterclass teaches you how!

Growing up, I never thought I would be married mostly because of the examples around me. I had to learn that my issue wasn't that I was afraid of marriage; rather, it was that I was ignorant of what it took to be married. I didn't understand the process. My lack of understanding caused me to fear the concept of marriage. 

After what I would call a successful courtship with my now-wife, I've learned a lot in the past 12 years that has equipped me to share with you today. I've packed a lot of experience and knowledge into some simple and practical teachings that I'm confident will be helpful for you.

As a pastor, I've sat with hundreds of singles and couples over the years! I've witnessed the good and bad. I've also been honored to advise them on their journey. I'm honored that you're allowing me to do the same for you.

That's why I created the courtship masterclass.

This course will teach you about COURTSHIP and creating a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP culture in your life. Relationships are essential to life and knowing how to navigate them is important especially when you're making the decision to be married.

Here's the TRUTH:

I KNOW This is the best Courtship course on the Market... 

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Student Testimonials
"We feel better prepared..."
We had a lot of questions concerning marriage, which is why we took the course. Afterwards, our questions were answered. We feel better prepared to take the next big step--marriage.
Micah and Sydney
"You broke it down for us..."
Thanks for an awesome class. You broke down the material for us, and we are so thankful for it. The information was simple and easy to implement in our lives. We are more prepared for our future together.
Blake and Stacey

"...I'm leaving with a way better understanding" 
Before becoming parents, it was just the both of us. We took Cornelius' premarital course and it helped prepare us for our marriage. We highly recommend the course to others who truly desire to grow together and create a healthy relationship.
Leo and Faith
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Your order is 100% Secured. Non-refundable. All sales final.
It's time to be encouraged in your journey to marriage. I encourage you to watch it alone or grab your potential spouse and watch it together. I know this course will help you.

Cornelius Lindsey
P.S. : If you have any questions, shoot me an email at You can also find me on Instagram at @thisiscornelius. I'm happy to help :-)
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